One Division One Team – AusAid Pacific Division (2012-2013)

Connexity consultants provided organisational change and workforce planning support to the Division as part of the implementation of agreed reforms designed to establish a “One Division, One Team” culture and workforce capability across Canberra and overseas based business units and teams.

This included coaching senior executives and managers in fulfilling their role as change sponsors; advising the Director, Strategic Planning and Coordination, and the Pacific Operations Reform Team (PORT) on their roles in coordinating and supporting the effective implementation of the One Division – One Team reforms; facilitating consultation processes and discussions across the Division and with work units to ensure a high level of ownership of the reforms and staff satisfaction with the reform process; collecting feedback data from Division staff and providing advice to the Division Leadership Team on how it can respond to that feedback; developing a Division-wide integrated change management process; and, supporting project teams in Canberra and at Posts to integrate change management activities into their project plans.