Members of Connexity Associates love working on complex organisational problems. We don’t come with pre-determined answers, but work with clients to figure out how to approach a particular issue. Our experience, expertise and ability to engage are key to ensuring that the solutions we come up with deliver tangible outcomes that can be put into practice. We treat every project as a learning experience, not just for the client, but also for ourselves: every organisation is different, as are the issues that it is facing, and we believe that tailored approaches designed in consultation with the client are far more effective than off-the-shelf interventions that reflect a one-size fits-all approach.

Some of the key areas in which we work include the following:

Executive Coaching: We provide individual, team and group coaching for Senior Executive and managers. Our approach is designed to ensure each person being coached is “matched” with the best coach for the circumstances and that the timing and coaching activities are co-designed in order to ensure maximum impact. Our coaches draw on a wide range of methodologies and experiences in organisational settings.

Strengthening teams: Organisations are only as effective as the teams of which they are comprised. We work with teams, both small and large, to help them identify and overcome barriers to working effectively and to establish processes to help them improve their performance.

Facilitation: Strong facilitation is a key component of many organisational interventions. We design and run facilitated processes for groups of all sizes, from small task teams to large groups of over 100 participants, to help them work through issues to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Strengthening governance processes: Strong and effective governance is essential for strong and effective organisations. Drawing on our expertise in organisational psychology and our innovative facilitation methods, we work with Boards and other governing bodies to establish effective governance processes, to evaluate Board performance, and to improve Board dynamics and decision-making processes.

Organisational strategy, design and review: Organisations are rarely static. Contexts change, demands change, leaders change. We engage with leaders, executive teams, middle managers and frontline staff to develop or review organisational strategy and the design of the organisation to reflect that strategy. Our focus is on taking action in practical and impactful ways that build sustainable and adaptive capabilities to meet the challenges of the future.

Workforce planning: Ensuring that organisations have the workforce in place to meet anticipated future challenges is crucial to organisational survival. Workforce planning is about more than numbers in spreadsheets: it’s about thinking ahead to ensure that the organisation will have both the right number of staff in different roles and the right skills sets and experience to meet the demands of the future. We adopt a change management approach to workforce planning, engaging staff at all levels in developing a blueprint for the future profile of the workforce, and strategies to achieve this.

Capacity building: Learning and development is about more than training – it’s about exposure to new experiences, and the opportunity to practice new skills on the job, with appropriate mentoring and coaching support. We help organisations to develop and implement capacity building strategies, including capability frameworks. We support organisations in the design and delivery of management and leadership and other capacity building programs, incorporating face-to-face training, on-the-job learning, reflection and feedback, and individual coaching and mentoring.

Technology strategy: Effective IT systems are increasingly at the centre of effective and efficient organisations, and IT and communications hardware and software is one of the most significant, but also the riskiest, investments made by many organisations. We work with organisations to establish appropriate processes for the governance of technology, and to develop a strategy for technology investment and management that reflects the needs of the organisation and its stakeholders, now and into the future.