We help leaders, teams and organisations navigate complexity and change in order to make progress on their most significant challenges by providing:

  • Consulting, design and advisory services, particularly for complex change programmes in public sector and not-for-profit organisations. We can help you find the right balance between needing a direction and a plan and remaining open, responsive and adaptable
  • ‘Shadow’ consulting, advice and coaching to change leaders and/or change project management offices engaged in change. We can work alongside you and your team to coach, advise and support you as you lead the way.
  • One off/short term consulting on specific approaches to wicked problems or complex change projects. We can help you figure out what you are dealing with and what steps to take next.
  • Coaching, advice and support to leadership development specialists. We can help you think through the contextual implication for leadership and management development programmes and design ways for them to be in support of key OD interventions or complex change.

Practical outcomes of our working together potentially include:

  • Delivery of results based on a sound understanding of the ongoing impact and effect of your strategies and plans.
  • Better understanding of complex and confusing situations and challenges
  • Better understand what people are thinking about a particular situation or organisational issue or how they are responding to a particular set of circumstances.
  • Documentation that can be the focus of ongoing discussion and that enables people to engage with necessary changes, possibilities for action and aspirations for the future.
  • Design and implementation of events, dialogues, meetings and consultations that enable people with an interest or stake in what happens to engage, be heard and have input into strategies, the development of approaches and responses and respond to proposed changes.
  • Establishment of vibrant communities of shared practices and communities of influence.
  • Design, leadership and implementation of change processes, including culture change.
  • Evaluations of the impact and effectiveness of strategies, plans and programs.
  • Development of the capability of individual leaders and managers and leadership and management teams to meet specific expectations and challenges identified in their working environment.

For more information or confidential preliminary discussion please contact Garth Britton or Phillip Bonser