We are member-based network of highly experienced, high calibre consultants who love working together. Members of the core Connexity Associates community span a range of disciplines including organisational development, human resources, risk management, and IT and technology strategy. The team is geographically dispersed, with a strong presence in Queensland, New South Wales, and the ACT, and a registered office in Canberra. Our membership model and extensive personal networks enable us to draw in additional expertise on an as-needs basis for specific projects, and give us easy access to academics and international experts in a range of professional and technical areas who provide academic research or the latest in current thinking on any specific project.

All Connexity Associates members maintain their own independent practices, giving them access and exposure to different client groups and experiences that collectively benefit the Connexity Associates community. This means that we have a wide array of frameworks, models and tools to draw on in the design of interventions appropriate to any particular client context.

Our members are our greatest asset. Collectively they bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience as leaders and managers as well as in consulting, coaching and facilitation.