Integrating the Queensland Government Airwings

Following the Keelty Review of the Police and Community Safety Portfolio in mid-2013, the Queensland Government established the Public Safety Business Agency which includes an integrated Government Airwing comprising the previous Government Airwing, Police Airwing and Emergency Management Queensland Helicopter Rescue Service.

Christine  Flynn and Carolyn Peterken were engaged to develop a strategy for the integration of the three airwings from a governance, cultural and organisational perspective.

Christine and Carolyn worked as part of a broader team that also considered the financial modelling of the integration, the implications in terms of air safety regulation and the future asset requirements of the integrated organisation. Christine and Carolyn collated quantitative and qualitative data on the basis of which they developed recommendations on the new organisational structure, workforce profile and governance arrangements, as well as a process for implementing the changes. They have since facilitated strategy workshops with both external stakeholders and internal staff, and have provided ongoing mentoring support to the new Executive Director of the integrated airwing.

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