Strategic Planning … or Creativity

Recently on the Australian Facilitators Network Forum there has been an interesting discussion about strategic planning. As her contribution to the discussion Viv McWaters drew attention to a Youtube video from visual storyteller, Sarah Moyle.

Sarah’s point, among many, is that we can learn a great deal from creative people about how to operate in situations that are highly complex and unlikely to remain stable for very long. In the video she draws out (pardon the pun!) five principles to guide working like this:

  • Embrace emergence
  • Nourish ensemble
  • Design skilful rehearsals and adaptive performances
  • Tap into source
  • Do more than talk

Over the next few weeks I am going to take up each of these points. In the spirit that I think Sarah intended I don’t know yet what I’m going to write or whether I will agree or disagree. I do know that the video is thought provoking. That’s enough to get me thinking and writing. Hopefully it might be enough to get you sharing and talking.

In the meantime take a break and have a watch for the next few minutes.

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