Strengthening governance processes in a Cooperative Research Centre

Cooperative Research Centres are inherently complex entities, bringing together academia and the private and not-for-profit sectors to undertake research of direct applied relevance. The governance of these entities is therefore also complex, particularly when the research has a strong focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.┬áCarolyn Peterken led a process for establishing strong foundations for the board of a new Cooperative Research Centre, focusing not only on the legal and procedural aspects of the Board, but also the social processes that would underpin how the Board would operate. These foundations were reflected in the Board’s Charter.

Since then she has facilitated several evaluations of the performance of the CRC Board using a custom-designed survey to engender reflection among Board members of the performance of the Board itself and of the performance of peers, as well as self-reflection by each member of their own performance. A facilitated workshop provided an opportunity for discussing the survey outcomes, and for agreeing on actions to improve Board performance into the future.

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