Strengthening the UNICEF Regional Office team in the Middle East

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is organised around a network of country and regional offices. UNICEF engaged Carolyn Peterken and a colleague to work with their team of approximately 60 staff in the Middle East Regional Office in Amman to strengthen teamwork and improve team dynamics.

Through a preparatory visit, the facilitators identified a number of key themes to be covered at the workshop. They drafted a background paper that summarised the themes, and through expressions of interested “recruited” a facilitators to lead the discussion on each theme at the workshop. The workshop itself was run over a period of three days, and included a combination of plenary discussion around the values underpinning the work of the team, experiential activities designed to demonstrate different aspects of teamwork, and work in smaller groups around each to the themes to flesh out the theme and develop a process of set of actions to progress the theme. In the final session of the workshop participants agreed on a process to monitor the agreed actions and maintain the momentum generated through the workshop.

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